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International Office Covid-19 Response

Papaya Academy
Papaya Academy
Papaya Academy    

Dear Partners,

At this difficult time, our first thoughts are with our families, colleagues and partners. The most important thing is to stay calm and stay safe.

This is a uniquely challenging period for many of us throughout our companies and the wider world. PapayaMobile international team wanted to let you know that we will be continuing to work to support our partners internationally.

We are well versed in working from home and have full access to systems and our extended/virtual teams. We will be able to continue to support your current and new partnership requirements, and will be available by email, Skype, WeChat etc. in the usual ways.

It is important to remember that even the most disruptive, challenging and frightening crises do eventually come to an end. Papaya whilst thanking you for your present and past custom will be here to work with you when we come out of the other side.

Our message is stay safe, stay home as much as possible and stay online and we look forward to a continuing and strong partnership.

The PapayaMobile international team.


GM North America

Mark Epes –


Rob Kelly

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Papaya Academy

Papaya Academy



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